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Villa La Ginestra

Villa La Ginestra

La Ginestra was a farm that has always belonged to my family, renovated in the 1960s and transformed into our home.  The furniture, the fabrics, the details here all speak of my family, it is for me a 'place of the soul' where for three generations, my grandmother Delfina, my mother Lara and now me, we pour love, care and passion. Open to guests a few years ago, it wins them over and they feel 'at home' from the very first moment. Situated on the edge of the village of Subbiano at the beginning of the Casentino, the Villa is surrounded by a large park that gives it privacy but is close to all services and easily accessible from Arezzo, from which it is only 10 km away.

The Garden

The tall plants provide shade and the hedges protect from glances, giving privacy.  In the well-kept garden, but always with a very 'natural' atmosphere, there is a wealth of different essences that are the result of careful research, the fruit of my passion for landscaping. It has a cool swimming pool and a paved area where one can organise events, dine in the evening or simply sunbathe. Behind the garden a wooded hillside completes the property.

The Kitchen

This is the coolest place in the house in summer and where you most enjoy spending the day. 

The large kitchen (45sqm) has all the necessary equipment to accommodate you. 

If you rent the entire property it will obviously be for your exclusive use, otherwise as a B&B it will be the convivial place where breakfast is served and cooking classes are organised.

It has a beautiful table for 16 people made from an ancient cypress tree that used to live in the wood behind the house; another element of continuity between the outside and the inside of the house and symbol of transformation over time.

The Family

I am Federico, together with Alessandro, I open my home to you with the enthusiasm of one who rejoices in getting to know others and sharing with you the passions my family has passed on to me.  

A passion for cooking wines animals and gardening inherited from my grandmother Delfina an intelligent strong-willed woman full of empathy.

The passion for hospitality, conviviality and sharing passed on by my mother Lara, a beautiful and socialite woman who lives on in her hydrangeas and in the living rooms of the house she populated with friends and brilliant evenings.

The passion of my father Todor, an engineer, modern open-minded and curious lover of design.  


All these passions, if you wish, you will find discreetly at Villa La Ginestra during your stay. 

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